The Black-White Test Score Gap

The black-white test score gap does not appear to be an inevitable fact of nature. It is true that the gap shrinks only a little when black and white children attend the same schools. It is also true that the gap shrinks only a little when black and white families have the same amount of schooling, the same income, and the same wealth. But despite endless speculation, no one has found genetic evidence indicating that blacks have less innate intellectual ability than whites. Thus while it is clear that eliminating the test score gap would require enormous effort by both blacks and whites and would probably take more than one generation, we believe it can be done.

My analysis working in the school system: Black students do not value education. They value music videos and sports. They love to dance and play. Black parents with education are often too busy trying to give tangible items to their children, rather than give them a mindset to value learning difficult things. Blacks have lived in poverty so long that many of them do not know what it means to be poor.

I have seen white female teachers struggle to teach black children. Some of the children have been taught by their families not to trust white people and thus the children don’t like learning from them. I have seen black males and females struggle to teach black children as they often resent them being in a leadership position over them. Black females often resent black male teachers.

Teachers have an obligation to pass children and thus many of them move to the next grade level, not knowing how to read or write. White parents are more concerned about their children and will bully the school staff for higher scores. So sometimes those scores are inflated for white children.

The only way to change the gap is for black parents to become more concerned about the future. White supremacy created the gap and helps to maintain it, but black people must want change for change to happen. Mental and physical chains can be broken. I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.


Mother accused of subjecting healthy son to 323 hospital visits, 13 surgeries

Eight-year-old Christopher Bowen of Dallas has reportedly been hospitalized more than 300 times and undergone 13 major surgeries ― and he may not have needed any of it.

The interview was conducted during a bike rally intended to raise $30,000 for Christopher’s care.

The following year, a friend of Bowen-Wright’s used GoFundMe to raise $610 so Christopher could go to the beach. According to the fundraiser page, Christopher had been diagnosed with cancer and had just six months to live.

“I want him to build sand castles, walk on the beach and let the waves hit him as he plays with his family,” the organizer wrote.

Later, when Christopher was a kindergartner at White Rock Elementary School in Lake Highlands, a YouCaring campaign was organized by a group of friends and supporters. By the time it ended, the campaign had raised roughly $8,000 “to help young Christopher and his family as they struggle against a disease that is slowly ending his life.” read more

The father wants custody and is upset that his son had to endure this type of treatment.

It appears communication among doctors is either needed and/or the doctors also need to be investigated as well. They should not be ordering tests on a mother’s diagnosis, but their own. They went to medical school, not the mother. It appears both were gaining some monetary benefit at the expensive of yet another black male child.


Future Preparation

God told Hezekiah to get his house in order in preparation for his death. If God thought it necessary to tell King Hezekiah to get his house in order, what is God telling his people today? I believe the Lord is saying its time to get your house in order. The pet sin and the distractions are going to be lethal in this hour. God is going to be looking for faith and if it is not found, the Lord will pass you by. When God touches the earth the blessed are the ones that are ready. Not moving around unprepared and a dangerous tempo.

Satan is looking for weak links to pry apart and destroy homes with the title Christian on it. He is looking to cause division and separation among peoples that should be an agreement. He is looking to ruin lives through deception, murder and suicide. We have seen a good share of this in 2017 and if the Lord tarries, which I believe he will, 2018 will be a year for the “ship” to increase.

Is your finances in order? Are you wasting resources on things that do not have real value. Are you taking care of the things that are necessary? Are you being like the wise ant who prepared for the winter? Are you training your children in the admonition of the Lord? A bully is only as strong as the weak untrained children around them. If I asked your children who is their parents God would they say Jesus or their job, or money? Its time to get your house in order. The storm is here, but the waves are going to rise.

Interracial Teen Couple Assailed With Horrific Racist Comments After Posting Video Of Amazing Gift From Her Family

The look on 17-year-old Chris Hunter’s face said it all. Shock. Pure shock.

When a member of his girlfriend’s family handed him the keys to a car as an early Christmas gift over the weekend in suburban Dallas, Chris looked like he couldn’t believe it.

His girlfriend, 16-year-old Madison Duke, posted a video of the heartwarming gesture on Twitter, where it has been liked nearly 36,000 times — but has also attracted nasty, racist, abusive comments.

Chris is black. Madison is white.

The teens have been dating for 11 months and go to high school together, according to NBC 5 in Fort Worth.

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Nearly 2018 and it never gets old that interracial relationships, especially the pairing of a black male and white female trigger evil reactions from the dominant society. Will 2018 be different? More of the same or worse? What is the direction of a nation that appears to thrive on hate?


Depression: Are You Ready?

The Bible is clear concerning the condition of mankind and the journey that all citizens of earth will take, whether saved or unsaved and it is this. Man that is born of a woman is of few days and full of trouble (Job 14:1). Never gloss over the fact that as a citizen of earth your days will be FULL with trouble. Let that settle in your mind. Don’t expend energy on it. Don’t fight it. It is not up for debate. Your life WILL be FULL of trouble. The quicker you agree with this statement the easier your journey on earth will be. You add to the trouble by resisting the truth. Now once you have that settled, your expectation will be true and you open the door for joy to enter your life.

Now as a believer in Jesus Christ, the trouble has an expiration date. It ends in paradise. Now before you get to paradise, your mind must be on Jesus. Listen to Luke 10:40-41 “But Martha was distracted by all the preparations to be made. She came to Jesus and said, “Lord, do You not care that my sister has left me to serve alone? Tell her to help me!” “Martha, Martha, the Lord replied, “you are worried and upset about many things. But only ONE thing is necessary. Mary has chosen the good portion, and it will not be taken away from her.” Martha was depressed. Why? She made mountains out of ant hill and she alone had a burden placed on her back that she alone had to carry. A burden SHE placed on herself. Jesus did not. Mary did not. The disciples did not. Martha put the shackles on and hooked herself up. She connected herself to a weight that Mary did not have. Why? Mary understood that only ONE thing matters. Her relationship with Jesus. When other things crowd the ONE thing that matters, you have a a burden of idolatry that you alone must cast off. No one else can do it. Mary did not have an issue, Martha did. So its Martha’s responsibility to take the yoke off her neck and make Jesus the ONE thing that matters.