Know Your Timing

You have heard about the seasons, the importance of being on a schedule and being ready for good opportunities to arise. You have heard the early bird gets the worm. The Bible says, The race is not to the swift or the battle to the strong, nor does food come to the wise or wealth to the brilliant or favor to the learned; but time and chance happen to them all.

No one asks to be born and here you are. No choice given when or where you would be conceived and what position you would have as a birthright. All these things are by time and chance. Your ability to move forward and create wealth is determined by TIME and chance. A man born at the beginning of God’s prophecy of slavery for the Israelites of 400 years has no chance for upward mobility.  That individual was born to be a slave and will die one. Time and chance.

Men seek to determine the will of God’s prophetic timeline, even though He said, no man will ever know it. They hate their lack of control and try to ignore that time and chance happens to us all. No matter where you are today, your life is the sum of time and chance. You may regret a decision, but you will never know whether that decision saved you from something far worse. You replay it over and over again, but whatever you input as a better possibility there are millions of worse ones that have equal value in your imagination, let it go.

What you have from God is the present and make full use of that. Let the present cheer you as you seek the Lord’s direction for your life. Knowing your timing is living in the present and being present for God to continually perform miracles in your life. Use God’s grace and consider your ways, but understand that for all your striving time and chance happens to us all.


The Alt-Right Doesn’t Know What to Do With White Women

F. Roger Devlin is the leading voice of far-right gender politics. But he’s facing pushback from a new group of white nationalist women. As he whined in “Sexual Utopia in Power,” “Western women [have] become the new ‘white man’s burden.’” At the 2016 NPI conference where he fretted over the fate of straight white men in Norway, he suggested that white men adopt “a policy of writing off women who take up with their swarthy oppressors.” In other words, white men should decline sex with women who have slept with non-whites. Such a move would be “eugenic,” he says, as it “[flushes] disloyalty from our gene pool.”

This type of speech gives rise to fear and a movement toward ungodliness, but is the narrative justified by the data? Most people remain within there race and although there is an increase in interracial marriage, this is not an indication of the end of white supremacy. White women have been having sexual relations with black men since the beginning. Of course, this attack on white women is a deflection from the real issue, which leads us back to white supremacy.

In Christ, we are all one and there is no marriage in heaven. In light of this, how should we responds as Holy Ghost filled believers? Nothing changes for us. We contend for the faith and we love God with everything we have and God will empower us to love our family, neighbor and enemies. God’s promises will be fulfilled in your life when you remain on God’s path.

Cincinnati man terrorized and then murdered black man for dating his ex-girlfriend: testimony

James Earl is standing trial for the murder of Kevin Neri. According to Mr. Earl “He didn’t want his son being raised by a black man, who was younger and more successful than he was,” Lessa Leigh explained. “The murder was the gruesome intersection of racism mixed with domestic violence and sexism.”

On the day of the shooting, the defendant allegedly used the n-word multiple times in text messages to his ex-girlfriend. The victim’s girlfriend, Cyerra Prather, had previously dated the defendant. “Earl Jones didn’t want a black man raising his son so he drove to the house where his ex-girlfriend and Kevin lived and shot Kevin in the back.” The victim, Neri, was shot and killed in front of the home he shared with his girlfriend in Colerain Township, Ohio.

Stories like these are not unique in nature, but a prevalent symptom of a greater issue called white supremacy. Particularly, white male ownership. This murder had nothing to do with a love for this man’s son, but purely a rage directed at “his women” even though she is his ex. He felt as though he owned this woman and this black man was embarking upon his ownership.

It is here that the slave narrative is revealed and should give all Americans pause of what is being taught within the schools, media, and how destructive groups like alt-right, alt-lite, white nationalist can radicalize this mentality.

The Fight To Remain The Same And Be Different

No matter how wicked the world gets and how disgusting people become, God still requires His children to remain faithful. He has been upfront with His plan and what things we would see as time moves closer to the end. He said, sin will wax worse and the poor would always dwell among us. He said, we would suffer trials and tribulations. He said, the way that leads to destruction is broad. He said, there would be a multiplicity of ways to enter hell, but only one way to enter heaven. The devices of Satan are countless and imaginations of the hearts of men to do evil is countless. The moment you think, it can’t get worse the depravity cannot go deeper, mankind will prove you wrong every time.

Women have forsaken men and rushed to have childless sex with other women & men have left the intimacy of a woman to engage in erotic sex with robots & other men. Children are not safe from male and female sexual predators in school who hunt them down. Women are raped in every industry known to man and yet its glorified on television and rape movies that play on lifetime are popular. Hollywood actresses are speaking out of both sides of their mouth, they will accuse a man of raping them and then play a rape victim on television for hire. What is really going on?

Satan does not care how you choose to live as long as the end result is death without Jesus Christ. Take drugs and drink excessively. Get STD’s or don’t, just keep having sex outside of marriage. Get into fights with other people. Kill or be killed or just simply stay at odds with people. Keep spinning around and around until you get dizzy, just don’t stop long enough to hear the voice of God. Go to a godless concert and worship Satan willingly or unwillingly. Never call on the name Jesus and do not think about His Word.

Satan knows that if he can keep you busy doing godless things, you will never consider what happens to your soul when you die. You will have godless conversations with other godless people about spiritual things, but it will be another trap, another addiction, try yoga, do godless meditation or listen to sounds that illuminate ones mind, just don’t give attention to Jesus.

As a Christian we must fight to remain the same. There is no such thing as Christian yoga, Christian porn stars, Christian homosexuals, Christian female pastors. Do these title exist? Yes! Christianity is not defined by the godless, but men and women who follow the teaches of Jesus Christ. Fight to remain the same. New types of Christians pop up ever day. Harry potter Christians, Christian witches, Christian white supremacist, whatever evil you want to practice, Satan will allow you to deceive yourself by slapping the title Christian in front of it. See, all better now. It’s Christian.

There is to be difference between a Christian and Satan’s children and when they come to alter Christianity it is your duty to contend for the faith and keep it pure. Don’t allow Satan to confuse your children, be on guard. Guard your heart from every evil device by reading the Bible and submitting to what God’s word says. When someone approaches you with something contrary to God’s word and calls it Christian, don’t argue with fools, say nothing and walk away. Answering a fool in his foolishness will make you the fool. It is not your profession to correct fools, those ready to repent will ask you, what must I do to be saved? Anything else, is wasteful conversation that never produces good remaining fruit.


White Female Utah cheerleaders scream ‘f*ck n*ggers’ in widely shared Instagram video

Amelia Stoddard, Liz Pollard, Kassi Colquitt, Cloie Malan are cheerleaders at  Weber School District that are shown on instagram screaming, “f*ck n*ggers.” A recording that will not be posted here. A recording that has the few black people that attend this school concerned.

What should concern black people the most is how these stories are covered in a non-condescending way that reveals the system of white supremacy at work, but more importantly the system that victimizes your ability to be free citizens should be of most concern.

Name calling isn’t the greatest issue, it is the system that continues to push injustice that hinders and harms the black community over and over again. It is why the stats show that blacks are moving backwards as systemic white supremacy refines itself. As a black believer in the the system of white supremacy, your response should remain the same, acknowledge God in all of your ways and He will direct your path. When you have opportunity to effect policy, then makes sure you effect every police in the direction of justice.

#Pray that God will bring #justice to Hollywood, Charlottesville, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, & Utah.